Discover How To Flood Your Business with 'Sales-Ready' Leads from Facebook DAILY...Even If You're Just Starting Out



What if your Facebook campaigns drove a flood of qualified leads to your online business or course on auto-pilot?


Wouldn’t that give you the time and freedom to live the life you dream of?

You may be feeling….

Exhausted from absorbing information from ALL SOURCES but lacking the game-changing, tangible results you so desire. Nobody is giving you simple, actionablesteps and answers!

Unsure as to how you can find your IDEAL CUSTOMER. You have a general idea who they are, but you haven’t t yet found best way to get your ads in front of them.

Frustrated by the abundance of marketing information out there, a large portion of which is inaccurate and misleading. You are after relevant, straight to the point information designed for YOU.

Tired of wasting your valuable time and energy on trying to nail the ins and outs of Facebook Ads. You are overwhelmed by the pesky platform and feel it may not be worth it. Yep, it can be overwhelming – and we all know time is money!

Fed up of working at your 9-5, knowing that getting your online business, or course launched is the key to your freedom. Why can’t it just happen now, right? Yep, I’ve been there too!

Disheartened at the results you may have gotten on your Ads thus far, unsure of where you went wrong and why you aren’t seeing the same positive ROI of your competitors.

Overwhelmed by the data and tracking side of things. Thinking that TECHY stuff is just too hard. But you know if you hire a consultant it may cost you a BOATLOAD of money.

If any of the above resonated with you, you are definitely in the right place!

But the truth is, your business isn’t going to get better by chance. It will get better by CHANGE.


In order to drive more qualified leads to your business and flood your website with your ideal prospects you need to do something DIFFERENT from what you have already been doing.


  • Seeing your email list grow DAILY for less than 10 minutes of work.

  • Selling more products or services than you EVER though possible. Your ads are finally STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD and you are building a reputation for being the go-to authority in your niche.

  • Consistently maxing out the attendance capacity of your Webinars. Say goodbye to spending hours at a time trying to promote your webinars, you have your Facebook ads set to drive ‘consistent, reliable growth’

  • Having MORE clients than you can handle. (Hint: these are the kind of problems you want in your business).

  • Earning TRULY passive income via AUTOMATION. Freeing up the time to spend time with your friends and family OR continue to expand and grow your business (you now have the power and freedom to choose).

  • Feeling confident in your strategy & having fun through the process, after ridding yourself of the struggle and overwhelm. You know what you are doing is effective and efficient.

Well guess what!   You can achieve ALL of this success.


By getting the Facebook algorithm to work FOR YOU rather than AGAINST YOU.


I want to introduce you to my Facebook Ad Accelerator Course. It is basically the bat mobile to your batman. Yep, this course will take you from zero to hero.


You will find the Facebook secrets used by some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. These agencies work on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies.



But Luke, How do you know this?

Because I worked in the background on these accounts, running these strategies, for these companies!


And the best part? I’ve condensed all of these world-class strategies into my Facebook Ad Accelerator course and tailored them to YOU.


What I’ve learned is that Facebook makes a HUGE amount of money, from advertisers who don’t know what they are doing. So I have made it my mission to ARM COACHES/CONSULTANTS AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS JUST LIKE YOU with the same Facebook strategies used by the big guys.


I’ll show you how you can set up your account correctly, so that you don’t waste any time trying to fix things later on.


I’ll show you how you can target the right customer in a matter of minutes. The ones that click on your ad, move from cold prospect to warm prospect, all the way through to buyer – and then repeat buyer!


Because we don’t just want them buying once, we want them buying again and again.


Yep Facebook ads really can be that simple!


And I wanted to deliver this content in the most digestible way possible. That’s why every lesson is a mixture of content AND screen share tutorials.


By simply following the exact steps in the videos, you could have market leading campaigns live in as little as 30 minutes.

Meet Amy

In the first 4 weeks of her course being live, she spent roughly $500 on Facebook advertising, just over $15 per day, and she generated $6,000 in revenue.


She implemented the FAA strategies to fill her webinar with registrants, ultimately boosting her sales and profit.


Amy has since left her job and turned her e-course side hustle into a full-time business.

You see, when I was starting out online, trying to figure everything out. I was lost.


This was BEFORE I discovered what the experts were doing online. I was on YouTube, Blogs, Forums, Facebook Pages and Groups. You name it, I was on it, lurking, looking for the winning strategy.




After getting nowhere by myself, I decided to get an entry-level role in Facebook Marketing. The rationale here was to learn the correct systems and processes that I could feed back into my own marketing efforts.




Fast-forward around 4 years, multiple promotions, and over $4,000,000 in ad spend and I have equipped myself with multi-million dollar Facebook marketing best practices and strategies.




And I want to share the secrets with you! And you know what, It’s really not that hard at all…




It’s just that most people are going about it the wrong way.




Facebook is THE MOST powerful marketing platform for small advertisers today.  AND I believe it is still underutilized and underpriced. We need to be going ALL IN ON FACEBOOK ADVERTISING and we need to be doing it yesterday.




Once you start using the structure and strategies I teach you in the Ad Accelerator Course, it will completely transform your business, blog or course (and your life!).




You will have a larger email list. Loads more QUALITY traffic to your site and more clients than you can handle.




No more spending large portions of your profit margin on expensive contractors!

Meet The 2 Belindas

In their first week of running their ads, they managed to bring in a 500% ROI on their Renovation Consultancies course.


"We saw immediate results from the FAA strategies. We followed the action plans and got our ads up with no fuss, allowing us to focus our time on developing our courses - which is what we love to do!"

So what’s included in the Facebook

Ads Accelerator Course?

  • Lifetime Access to ALL 4 MODULES – over 6 hours of detailed, step by step instructions AND screen shares

  • Support and regular feedback in my private Facebook Group. Ask me anything!

  • Actionable worksheets and checklists

With The Ad Accelerator Course You Will Learn:

  • The Foundations

    How to setup and configure your ad account and Facebook Fanpage. Focus only on the things you need setup to get your ads running as quickly as possible.

  • The Facebook Pixel

    I will simplify the pixel for you! I will teach you what it is, what it does, why you need it AND how you can install it. Just follow my ‘click-here’ style tutorial screenshares. Not only that, but I’ll show you the pixel implementation options you need to avoid doing!

  • Laser Targeting Your Ideal Customer

    Use my worksheets, checklists and screen shares to TRULY understand who you want to put your ads in front and who you want to avoid targeting. Hint: Excluding people is just as important.

  • Targeting Options

    You may understand WHO you want to target. But do you know HOW you can target them? I will dive deep into Facebooks targeting options, and how you can best apply them to get in front of the right person at the right time. When they are red hot and ready to BUY.

  • Competition

    I walk you through two simple strategies to analyze your competition. So that you can identify what is and isn’t working within your niche. I am talking copy, headlines, targeting, images and even landing pages. Yep you can view it all with these funnel hacking strategies. I analyze a whole bunch of competitor ads for you, clearly identifying why they are (or aren’t) ‘winning ads’.

  • The Setup

    I'll show you exactly what you need to click on to setup your campaigns, ad sets and ads. Each lesson is designed to get you setup the right way, in as little time as possible.

  • Analyzing Your Analytics

    Learn how to interpret the Facebook Dashboard so that you can make the right tweaks to your campaigns for even more GROWTH. It’s all about making informed decisions! Hint: Once you start making these changes, you won’t want to stop ;)

  • Simple One-Sheeters

    Just in case the screen shares weren’t enough, I have put together a RANGE of worksheets and checklists to help simplify the data, action steps and targeting options.

    • Get a list of all the Facebook metrics you should focus on

    • Use my budget calculator, to discover your ideal budget amount.

    • Have all the Facebook targeting options listed out right in front of you

    • Get the essential Facebook resources one-pager

    • Leverage my naming conventions – used by the biggest players in the game

    • Have my Going Live Checklist – to ensure you have everything covered.

    • Take my Facebook copy templates, so that you don’t need to ‘learn’ copywriting. Just plug and play these bad boys.

    • Benchmarks – If you are unsure of what figures are considered ‘good figures’. Get my benchmarks sheet, broken down by objective and ad format.


      Buying my Facebook Ad Accelerator Course will not only give you over 6 hours of actionable Facebook strategies, all worksheets and swipe files, but you will also get these bonuses, for FREE. Including…..




      Learn how some of the most successful Facebook marketers are using font variations in their Facebook copy. Since the Facebook platform won’t let you do this, I share a video on my simple workaround.


      LIFETIME ACCESS and FREE updates to the course


      Since the Facebook beast changes every few months, I will ensure I keep the content fresh and relevant for you. You will always have access to the most up-to-date information and strategies for FREE.

        Not only that, but if you take action today, you will also get access to the following BONUS OFFERS…Just because you’re an action taker!
          How to DOUBLE the CTR on your ads


          Learn the unusual image type that stops users in their tracks, demands their ATTENTION and forces them to CLICK your ads. You will never see click rates like these!


          The BULLS EYE Location Targeting Method


          I will show you exactly how you can target users down a radius far smaller than Facebook’s platform will allow you too. This hack can let you get unbelievably specific with your location targeting.  Your prospects will want to take out a restraining order! (just kidding!)

          YOU HAVE 2 CHOICES

          You can continue trying to figure things out by yourself, taking chunks of information from various sources – which can take years!




          You can steal my Facebook strategies and get world class campaigns live in a matter of minutes.


          Do you have an idea of where you want to be in the next SIX months? Or even ONE month?


          Do you have a plan to get there?


          You can leverage my systems to get yourself to where you want to be, faster than you thought possible!





          My name is Luke Smith. I am a Facebook advertising specialist and pizza enthusiast.


          I stumbled my way around the internet, until I decided to find employment at a digital agency in Sydney, Australia. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about Facebook advertising, to running $300,000+ per month on Facebook and Instagram.


          I have worked behind the scenes across large multinational corporations - running their Facebook, AdWords, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter activity

          Companies such as McDonalds, Amazon’s Audible, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, Clinique, Qantas, Bobbi Brown, Bacardi, MTV and NEC.


          Over the past 4 years, I have spent approximately $3,000,000 on Facebook Advertising. So after spending this much on Facebook specifically, what have I learned?


          You need to work the platform and have the algorithm work FOR YOU. This is something newbie marketers won’t understand.


          That’s why I have since left my 9-5 and decided to share what I have learned with online coaches, consultants and small business owners. So they too can run ads like the pros.


          Since leaving my job, I have had clients CHASING ME because these Facebook Marketing Skills are in such High Demand.

          Who is Facebook Ads Accelerator Course For?

          • Facebook advertising beginners

          • Online coaches and entrepreneurs looking to launch their products/services

          • People who want to rapidly grow their email list

          • The time-poor! If you are struggling to learn Facebook advertising as a side hustle. This system will save you the struggle, with everything in one place.

          • Anyone who would eventually look to hire someone to run your ads for you. This course will provide you with the understanding to call consultants out on poor performance!

          Who is Facebook Ads Accelerator Course Not For?

          • Established online businesses, who are already successfully spending $10k + per month on Facebook Ads.
          • Anyone who is struggling to pay their bill every month – you need to be able to invest in your business.
          • Anyone looking for a shortcut to riches, or a get rich quick scheme. Facebook advertising is a continual process of improvement. You must put in the work to reap the rewards.

          Money Back Guarantee

          Simply converting is going to fast track your Facebook success and help you grow your business. I’m confident you will love this course. But if for some reason you are not happy with the content, I’ll refund your money.


          I want you to feel 100% comfortable signing up for this course and I’m very confident you will learn a heck of a lot.

          Can’t I just hire someone to do it for me?

          But I’ve already tried Facebook ads and they didn’t work for me.

          Is your course up-to-date? Will it STAY up-to-date?

          Will the Facebook Ad Accelerator Course help me sell physical products?

          Couldn’t I just find this information online for free?

          Can you guarantee I’ll get good results from Facebook ads?

          I sell digital products at a lower price point – can I even afford Facebook ads?

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